What Should I Do Before Ordering Concrete?

When a construction project needs concrete, you pick up the phone and call a local ready-mix concrete supplier, such as Fulford & Jones, Inc., right?

Not quite.

Before ordering concrete, you’ll need to be able to answer these three questions we ask anyone who calls for concrete. It’s a great way to help us gain an initial idea of the overall project scope so our team can meet and exceed your expectations.

When it’s time to order concrete in Wilson, NC, make us your first call!

1. Know The Date, Time & Location Of The Concrete Delivery

Although we know schedules can change, it’s helpful to have an initial date, time, and location determined before ordering. This information lets us plan for your project along with the other commercial and residential concrete services provided by Fulford & Jones, Inc.

2. Know How Much Concrete You’ll Need & The Type Of Concrete

Aside from the when and where the question of how much concrete is needed for a patio or any other home addition is equally important. But don’t worry if you’re unsure of the amount — our concrete calculator can help you get started.

Then, depending on the project, such as a new concrete driveway, the type is key to creating a long-lasting surface. This is because not all concrete is equal in its ability to support and withstand different everyday use.

3. Does Your Project Need A Wheelbarrow or Concrete Pump?

Our volumetric mixers can go almost everywhere to deliver concrete, but there are occasional small spaces it can’t. A customer may opt to use wheelbarrows or a concrete pump to reach the project area when this happens. When you call Fulford & Jones, Inc., keep this in mind — our team can help determine whether your construction project will need either option.

When You’re Ready To Order Concrete In Eastern North Carolina, Call Fulford & Jones, Inc.!

Backed by years of experience serving concrete customers throughout eastern North Carolina and beyond, Fulford & Jones, Inc. is ready to help you! Our team understands that ordering concrete is different for businesses and homeowners. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your project and its individual needs, allowing us to create enduring concrete structures and surfaces. Contact us today to begin!

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Whether your next project needs bulk concrete or a small amount of concrete, make Fulford & Jones, Inc. your first call in Wilson, NC, and surrounding areas.

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