Commercial Concrete

Delay is an ugly word in construction. But working with Fulford & Jones, Inc. for your next commercial concrete project means you won’t wait around for concrete. Our volumetric mixers give clients  assurance the concrete mix strength meets commercial requirements while pouring on their schedule, not ours. From multi-family apartment buildings to high-rise office towers, we provides high-quality concrete for every job. Schedule your next project with us today!

Keep the project on schedule and budget by working with us. Because our truck arrives when needed, you can control crew downtime & labor costs.

The time of day isn’t a problem with Fulford & Jones, Inc. We bring the mixer to you and pour when needed, whether it’s before breakfast or after dinner — no opening fees!

Commercial concrete repair or new installation, we strive for the utmost customer service from start to finish. We aren’t satisfied until you are.

What Is Commercial Concrete?

It’s concrete designed and used to build or renovate business facilities, such as industrial buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and warehouses. Since these facilities often have more demands for durability and structural performance than residences, the concrete needs heavier reinforcement and a stronger mix design.  The compressive strength requirement depends on the use of the final product, such as: 
  • Concrete fill: 2,000 PSI
  • Basement and foundation walls and slabs, sidewalks, patios, steps, and stairs: 2,500 PSI to 3,500 PSI
  • Driveways, and garage and industrial floor slabs: 3,000 PSI to 4,000 PSI
  • Reinforced beams, columns, slabs, and walls: 3,000 PSI to 7,000 PSI
  • Precast and prestressed concrete: 4,000 PSI to 7,000 PSI
  • Columns used in high-rise buildings: 10,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI
Fulford & Jones, Inc. works with each commercial customer to design the right type of long-lasting concrete for every project.

Is Industrial Concrete Construction The Same As Commercial Construction?

No. While commercial concrete construction needs more overall strength than residential, industrial needs even more. Industrial settings, such as manufacturing and processing, typically use heavy equipment and machinery to carry out business operations.

What Kind Of Commercial Concrete Services Does Fulford & Jones, Inc. Provide?

We offer a range of services for commercial ready mix concrete, including: 

  • Foundations and commercial slabs; 
  • Parking lots; 
  • Industrial floors; and
  • Structural concrete.

Your First Call For
Quality Concrete

Whether your next project needs bulk concrete or a small amount of concrete, make Fulford & Jones, Inc. your first call in Wilson, NC, and surrounding areas.

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