6 Easy Ways To Protect Concrete Surfaces

No matter the size of a concrete surface, if you’ve taken the time to have it installed, you’ll want to care for it. A little cleaning here and there is all it takes to have long-lasting concrete. Fulford & Jones, Inc., a Wilson, NC, ready mix concrete supplier, offers these six tips for how to clean and care for any concrete surface.

1. Clean & Seal The Concrete Surface

Whether your routine is sweeping concrete then a power washer deep clean or going straight to the power washer, it’s important to keep the area clean. Although the material is known for its durability, soil and water with high mineral content erode concrete if not removed.

It’s recommended to wash the surface, such as a driveway, every one to two weeks. Once clean, apply a sealer to protect your concrete once the surface dries.

2. Immediately Clean Up Stains

Concrete sealer does help protect the surface, but some types of oils and other liquids leave stains and may penetrate the concrete. Leaking car oil is an example and should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. 

3. Pay Attention To Chemicals

It’s tempting to use everyday household cleaners on concrete, but it’s important not to. Many are strong enough to weaken the surface, which may lead to chips, cracks, and flaking. Any cleaning product used should be made for cleaning concrete. 

4. Manage Plant & Root Growth

The landscaping around your home or business may be healthy and pristine, but the root systems can damage the structure from below. Regularly trimming a plant or tree’s roots is the best way to hedge against future issues. As the roots grow, they may push the concrete upward, causing cracks. When this happens, replacement is the only option. 

5. Limit Parking Heavy Vehicles & Equipment On The Surface

Although a concrete driveway looks sturdy enough to support the weight of vehicles, residential concrete is designed for everyday vehicles. Parking a recreational vehicle for weeks at a time means subjecting the surface to extreme weight, potentially causing weak spots. If you know heavy vehicles will park or move over a pad or driveway, ask Fulford & Jones, Inc. what type of concrete they recommend. 

6. Use Rugs For Protection

A big selling point for installing a concrete patio or deck is its ability to withstand damage from the furniture. But, over time, sliding chairs and/or tables can damage the surface. Using a rug helps reduce the impact of movement while offering a layer of protection from stains and spills. 

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