How To Order Concrete For Commercial Construction

Commercial or industrial construction projects sometimes become drawn-out processes. But ordering — and receiving — concrete for it shouldn’t be a hassle. Fulford & Jones, Inc., a Wilson, NC, commercial concrete supplier, shares three recommendations for ordering concrete for commercial construction.

1. Order The Amount Of Concrete Your Industrial Project Needs

Since concrete is measured in cubic yards, it’s key to have accurate dimensions for where the concrete will be placed. Our concrete calculator is a good place to start if you’re unsure. And keep in mind that although our volumetric mixers have more production flexibility than barrel trucks, these questions let us begin creating a plan for your commercial or industrial construction project.

2. Consider Transportation To The Work Site

We understand that traffic tie-ups happen, but we strive to minimize any potential issues ahead of time. To ensure we’re able to provide commercial concrete when and where you need it, let us know:

  • The worksite location; 
  • Ideal delivery time; and
  • Any specific positioning for the volumetric mixer at the worksite.

If the project needs multiple trucks, we pen this into the schedule at the start and adjust as necessary. 

3. Order The Right Commercial Concrete Mix

We’re able to develop a mix design tailored to your commercial needs as the project dictates, such as placing an industrial floor and walls with the same mixer. Having the appropriate concrete placed at the beginning greatly reduces structural issues in the future. If you’re unsure what kind of mix is best for the project, call Fulford & Jones, Inc. 

Wilson, NC, Commercial Concrete Supplier

Fulford & Jones, Inc., a commercial concrete supplier in Wilson, NC, understands that not all commercial construction jobs are the same, nor are the concrete needs. Our team works with your project manager, contractors, and subcontractors to make sure when you order commercial concrete it’s what you need. Contact us today to schedule your next commercial construction project!

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